Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OPBL Youth Book Reviews, Part 1.

Along with our Winter Reading Program (which goes till March 1st, so you still have a chance to sign up and win fun prizes!), we are asking our young patrons to write a review of one of the books they chose to read as part of their Book Log.

So far, we have gotten TWO (!!!) Book Reviews from one of our regular patrons, Cristiana.
Review #1:
Book: Barbie as The Island Princess
Author: Daisy Alberto
Call Number: E Barbie
I give this book: 5 stars

  • What was this book about?
    • It was about a princess who washed up on an island.
  • My favorite character in the book was Ro because she survived in the wild.
  • I liked this book because it has adventures in it.
  • You should read this book because it might make you excited.

Review #2: 
Book: Otis and the Puppy
Author: Loren Long
Call Number: JE Long
I give this book: 5 stars
  • What was the book about?
    • It was about friendship and kindness.
  • My favorite character in the book was Otis because he helps everybody and he's very loyal and helpful and playful.
  • I liked this book because there [are] so many animals in the farm and a tractor named Otis.
  • You should read this book because it's a fun book and I like it because it always is helpful.
Thanks so much to Cristiana for being our first patron to review some great children's books!

You could be featured on our blog, too! So come on in and sign up for our Winter Reading Program!

-OBPL Youth Services Staff

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sand Art Program

This Saturday we were very pleased to have the Youth Service room packed to the max! (Quite literally, fire-code speaking.) We had our sand art program, and it appeared we already had some sand-art professionals:

Thank you guys for coming out. And, be sure to check in for our upcoming programs.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Easy Reader Book Recommendations

Easy Reader books--if you are not too aware of them--are in the land between picture books, and juvenile chapter books. They are some of the first stories that a child will read by themselves. These books are often overlooked, but important to a child's relationship with reading.

So, here is the final recommendation brochure with Easy Reader books:

As always, share, copy, distribute. We don't mind. 


The PDF download of the brochure can be found by clicking: HERE. 

Any questions? Ideas? obplblog@gmail.com

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sand Art Program

When: Saturday, January 25th, 3-4 P.M. 
Grades 2 and Up. 
Cost: Free!

Please register by calling the direct Youth Service line: 1-(630)-368-7733

Become a sand artist ninja. The craft is calling YOU.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Prickly Visiter to the Library

This week we have a visiter to the library: John the hedgehog.

Well, he's my hedgehog, but we couldn't exactly hire a macho man who brings in the boas* at this time, so I will have to do for now. 

Please try and hide your disappointment. 

John will be at the bedtime stories from 7-7:30, this Wednesday, January 15th. If you are signed up: good! If you aren't, please call Youth Services: 1-(630)-368-7733


*not the feathered kind

FAQ on Hedgehogs and the Event 

Q: I am not four but, you know, can I come?
A: After the 7:00-7:30 story time is done for kids (ages 3-8), you can come in and visit. No problem. Just be quiet, please. John gets the huffypants when bothered with loud noises.

Q: Where are hedgehogs from?
A: John is an African Pygmy Hedgehog. And that does not mean he's a tinier species of another type of hedgehog, but he is from Africa. Other hedgehogs can be found in many parts of the world, including the UK and other parts of Europe, Asia, and New Zealand.

A: Hedgehogs aren't even related to porcupines. Hedgehogs are part of the shrew family. They also don't shoot quills which is kind of why he is safe and happy for a kids program, my goodness...

Q: Why did you get a hedgehog?
A: That's a long and complicated story I would rather not talk about. Next!

Q: So that means you don't like your hedgehog?
A: Don't talk about my sole earthly companion like that. His name's John.

Q: Where did you get your hedgehog?
A: A breeder. Check for the nearest one to you. DO NOT buy a hedgehog from a pet store. Trust me on that. Be educated before making a decision. It will pay off in the end.

Q: Will John bite me?
A: He does not bite. He may sniff at you however. And want to live in your t-shirt forever.

Q: What does John eat?
A: YOUR SOCKS. Ha, cat food.
(Seriously, cat food.)

Q: Will I be allergic to hedgehogs?
A: Probably not! Many people have severe sensitivity to pet dander, and hedgehogs have a very low amount that does not trigger allergies.

Q: What, exactly, will this event be?
A: Parents: it will be a short story, some interaction with the hedgehog (viewing, feeding, not handling, however), and also, facts and information will be presented about these exotic pets. You can definitely come on in if curious, or if you want to see what's up! I never mind.

Q: I still have questions!
A: AH! Email us: obplblog@gmail.com

(Note: If you think I am one of those "pet people" with pictures of their pets, you should see how long it took to get that angelic picture above, alright?)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Picture Book Recommendations

As a part of the weekly, ongoing brochure list, here are some picture book recommendations. Now, picture books are for all ages, really. But, as I said before, these brochures are for educators, librarians, or for personal use. Seriously, pass it on! Print them out!

You can find the PDF of Picture Book Recommendations, by clicking HERE.

Be sure to hit the + magnifier to get better resolution!

Here is a preview of the brochure:

Questions, comments: obplblog@gmail.com

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Reading Program 2014

Don't get left out in the cold! Join our Winter Reading Program for 2014! 

It's not too late to sign up, so come see the Youth Services Department today!

Monday, January 6, 2014

January-February 2014 Youth Service Programs

We have some great programs coming up for the January-February 2014 time. Check them out in our brochure. You can find this event brochure, in PDF form, by clicking HERE. 

Hope to see you there. Call to sign up, or with questions at the Youth Service line: 1-(630)-368-7733. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

High School Reading List: Book Playlists and Leisure

I am really excited for this week's reading recommendation brochures. Why? Because my colleague in Youth Services, Julia Frederick, came up with one of my favorite ideas ever. 

She made a book list that has a supplemental music playlist...all in one bombtastic recommendation brochure! Julia took books that have music references, or moods, and created playlists from these pieces of information scattered throughout the book. I cannot tell you how cool it is. This is not only an amazing supplement for for a Youth Service department, but an adult department as well. The books she chose are equally cherished by adults interested in the youth genre, and younger adults.

Here is a small preview of Julia's playlist, "Young Adult Books with a Beat:"

Download this free brochure by Julia on our google drive (safely and without logins, or memberships of any kind), by clicking HERE.

Also this week, for our double feature (oh oh oh ohhhh**), here are some recommendations for young adult leisure books. And of course, this is completely free. We encourage you to use these, share these, and print them out for use. 

Here is a small preview of "High School Recommendations: Leisure Books that will Change Your Outlook:"

You can download a PDF of High School Leisure Recommendations by clicking HERE. 

Have a great weekend, and thank you all for your support on this project. Keep sharing these resources, 


Any questions, comments, requests? Email us at obplblog@gmail.com 

**Secret prize of humanity for anyone who gets the reference. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Open Crafts

We are opening up the Youth Service craft room for your disposal (anything within legal means, kids), for one last day: January 4, at 11-2PM.

Open Crafts is a series of events we do every year over the holiday break. It gives kids who are at home a space to be creative over the holiday break. Please head over for our very last day. We have seen a huge turnout so far!

Here are some pictures of one group we had:

And yes those are minions. Be jealous.

(Special thanks to Theresa, the photo ninja.)