Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Prickly Visiter to the Library

This week we have a visiter to the library: John the hedgehog.

Well, he's my hedgehog, but we couldn't exactly hire a macho man who brings in the boas* at this time, so I will have to do for now. 

Please try and hide your disappointment. 

John will be at the bedtime stories from 7-7:30, this Wednesday, January 15th. If you are signed up: good! If you aren't, please call Youth Services: 1-(630)-368-7733


*not the feathered kind

FAQ on Hedgehogs and the Event 

Q: I am not four but, you know, can I come?
A: After the 7:00-7:30 story time is done for kids (ages 3-8), you can come in and visit. No problem. Just be quiet, please. John gets the huffypants when bothered with loud noises.

Q: Where are hedgehogs from?
A: John is an African Pygmy Hedgehog. And that does not mean he's a tinier species of another type of hedgehog, but he is from Africa. Other hedgehogs can be found in many parts of the world, including the UK and other parts of Europe, Asia, and New Zealand.

A: Hedgehogs aren't even related to porcupines. Hedgehogs are part of the shrew family. They also don't shoot quills which is kind of why he is safe and happy for a kids program, my goodness...

Q: Why did you get a hedgehog?
A: That's a long and complicated story I would rather not talk about. Next!

Q: So that means you don't like your hedgehog?
A: Don't talk about my sole earthly companion like that. His name's John.

Q: Where did you get your hedgehog?
A: A breeder. Check for the nearest one to you. DO NOT buy a hedgehog from a pet store. Trust me on that. Be educated before making a decision. It will pay off in the end.

Q: Will John bite me?
A: He does not bite. He may sniff at you however. And want to live in your t-shirt forever.

Q: What does John eat?
A: YOUR SOCKS. Ha, cat food.
(Seriously, cat food.)

Q: Will I be allergic to hedgehogs?
A: Probably not! Many people have severe sensitivity to pet dander, and hedgehogs have a very low amount that does not trigger allergies.

Q: What, exactly, will this event be?
A: Parents: it will be a short story, some interaction with the hedgehog (viewing, feeding, not handling, however), and also, facts and information will be presented about these exotic pets. You can definitely come on in if curious, or if you want to see what's up! I never mind.

Q: I still have questions!
A: AH! Email us: obplblog@gmail.com

(Note: If you think I am one of those "pet people" with pictures of their pets, you should see how long it took to get that angelic picture above, alright?)