Sunday, January 5, 2014

High School Reading List: Book Playlists and Leisure

I am really excited for this week's reading recommendation brochures. Why? Because my colleague in Youth Services, Julia Frederick, came up with one of my favorite ideas ever. 

She made a book list that has a supplemental music playlist...all in one bombtastic recommendation brochure! Julia took books that have music references, or moods, and created playlists from these pieces of information scattered throughout the book. I cannot tell you how cool it is. This is not only an amazing supplement for for a Youth Service department, but an adult department as well. The books she chose are equally cherished by adults interested in the youth genre, and younger adults.

Here is a small preview of Julia's playlist, "Young Adult Books with a Beat:"

Download this free brochure by Julia on our google drive (safely and without logins, or memberships of any kind), by clicking HERE.

Also this week, for our double feature (oh oh oh ohhhh**), here are some recommendations for young adult leisure books. And of course, this is completely free. We encourage you to use these, share these, and print them out for use. 

Here is a small preview of "High School Recommendations: Leisure Books that will Change Your Outlook:"

You can download a PDF of High School Leisure Recommendations by clicking HERE. 

Have a great weekend, and thank you all for your support on this project. Keep sharing these resources, 


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**Secret prize of humanity for anyone who gets the reference.