Monday, March 14, 2016

Celebrating the Life of Albert Einstein in Books

Today is Albert Einstein's Birthday!



Let's celebrate Einstein's contribution in the way librarians know best: in book form.

Picture Books

Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein
By Don Brown

Like the title suggests, this picture book focuses on Einstein as an outcast, in his early years. This picture book is geared for readers ages 4-8. With some reading help from a guardian, this would be a good picture book to teach children about bullying, and isolation.


On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein
By Jennifer Berne and Vladimir Radunsky

There is a truly unique art vision for this book. Paired with accessible text for young readers, this is a definitive Einstein picture book, sure to be enjoyed by a variety of readers.


Juvenile Books

Who was Albert Einstein?
By Jess Brallier

There is a reason why Who Was books are so popular with kids. Quirky illustrations paired with solid, interesting writing make these biographies great picks for kids interested in nonfiction, or kids who struggle to find books that interest them. Who Was Albert Einstein is no exception, and delivers in the series' great reputation.


Giants of Science: Albert Einstein
By Kathleen Krull

The Giants of Science series by Kathleen Krull is another solid choice for any kid looking for good nonfiction books. Her installment on Albert Einstein is aimed at kids grades 3-7.


Genius: A Photobiography of Einstein
By Marfe Fergusen Delano

If a child connects to narrative though images, this Einstein biography is a wonderful look into the visual world of Albert Einstein. Don't let the slim look of this book be deceiving: this photobiography is intended for grades 5-8.


Adult Nonfiction

Einstein: His Life and Universe
By Walter Isaacson

Isaacson is no stranger to covering tricky biography subjects. From his biography covering the life of Steve Jobs, to some of the most influential visionaries and innovators of our time, this thick Einstein brick is sure to satisfy all questions, while adding some of its own.


A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion: The Essential Scientific Works of Albert Einstein

Covers everything from Einstein's work on gravitational waves, to quantum theory. This book is geared towards the true Einstein devotee, who wants to more than biographical overview. The (rather hefty) volume is an appreciative look into Einstein's most important discoveries, with commentary from Stephen Hawking.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Winter Reading Program-Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations to our grand prize raffle winners: Aaman Izhar, Yamen Laban, and Natalie Chang.

Come in to pick up your raffle prizes at the youth service desk. Congratulations on all of your reading this winter.