Monday, February 28, 2011

Budding Bookworms Wanted! Lapsit Story time (1-2 year olds) Topic: Bugs

 "Spring Into Reading" with a bright and interactive song and dance-filled story time. Welcome to Budding Bookworms Lapsit Story time (Mondays at 10 am), where story time and play time are combined. We'll shake our wiggles out, sing, tell flannel board stories, read a book or two and have loads of fun. We use items such as egg shakers, streamers or bubbles to bring our story time to life. Bring your doll or teddy bear along so they can enjoy this story.

This week's story time topic is bugs. We will bring the story time alive by reading one or two of these books: I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd and Butterfly, Butterfly: A Book of Colors by Petr Horacek.

Here's Bug-tastic movement activity:


Bugs can hop. (Hop)
Bugs can run. (Run in place)
Bugs can wiggle and squirm. (Wiggle all over)
But my favorite kind of bug, by far,
Is a scoochy, inchy worm. (Raise right forearm; scoot right index finger across inch by inch)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Into Reading! Our Spring Story times and Programs are Starting!

Catch spring fever at the library! Sign-up for our wonderful variety of children's and young adult programs! Check below for details.

Spring Into Reading Spring 2011 Programs

Special Events 

Chris Fascione: Juggling Funny Stories
Saturday, March 12th at 2 pm
Friends Meeting Room
 You’ll be laughing out loud as nationally-known family entertainer Chris
Fascione brings children’s stories to life with his high-spirited and innovative performances. Full of energy, humor and imagination, Chris creates colorful characters through his unique combination of acting, storytelling, comedy, and juggling. A Storytelling World Award winner, Chris brings out the kid in everyone, as adults and children alike have fun participating in the show.

 Take a Break: Create a Craft                 Monday March 28-Saturday, April 2
Looking for something to do on your break? Why not head to the library to
create an awesome craft? Each weekday the library will have a craft table set up so you can create one-of-a-kind crafts.

Ongoing Events

Do You need some help from the Teenworkers?
Do you need help doing  your homework and would like some help from a one of our teen volunteers? Would you like to make a cool craft with one of them? Give Youth Services a call and let us know what subject you need help in (math, science, social studies, reading, history or English). Craft programs will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter, blog, library homepage and The Beacon as they become available. It’s all about 

 Weekly Children’s Programming

Due to Spring Break we will not be holding story time during the week of March 28th-April 2nd

Budding Bookworms for children ages 1-2 years on Mondays at 10 am. 
Budding bookworms will enjoy  this fun and interactive story time filled with dance, finger plays, movement activities and of course books galore!
February 28-May 2

Reading Robins for preschoolers on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm. 
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet! It’s time to read, read, read!  This imaginative story time
includes perky songs, fantastic finger plays,  stories and a  whimsical craft.
March 2-May 4

Rainbow Readers for Kindergartners, 1st and 2 graders on Mondays at 5 pm. 
Follow the rainbow to this colorful story time filled with books and an art project.
February 28-May 2

Krafty Kreations for grades 3 and up on Tuesdays at 4:30 pm and
Saturdays at 11 am.   Do you love to create new and unique art? Then this program is for you! Join us for our weekly art class  where you get to make your own Krafty Kreations.
Tuesdays March 1-May 3 and Saturdays March 5-May 7

  Spring Coloring Contest

Color Your World for children ages 2 years-3rd Grade
Grab your crayons and color away! Kids can enter our Spring Coloring Contest by picking up their springtime picture at the Youth Services Reference Desk beginning on Friday, March 18 ,2011. Please write your name, phone, number and age on the back of the coloring sheet so you can be entered in the contest. We will choose a winner from  each age group 2 yrs, Pre-k (3-4 yrs) Kindergarten –1st and 2nd-3rd grades. The winners will receive great prizes. All other entrants masterpieces will be displayed in Youth Services. Deadline is Monday, April 18th 2011.

Teen Happenings

Study Bunch and Crunch              Monday-Thursday         6:00-8:30 pm
The Activity Room is open Monday through Thursday nights in March through May for teens grade 6 and up to gather to complete homework and socialize with peers. When a break is needed from studying, the library offers an assortment of games to play. Asalways a librarian is available to assist you with reference

Open Mike Talent Show April 20                                             7 pm
Do you write poetry, sing, play an instrument or dance and you would like everyone to see your fabulous performance? Then come down and showcase your talent in front of an audience during our “talent show”. Open to those in grades K-12.

 It’s All About Teenwork!                                                            Ongoing
Do you love to work with kids doing crafts or helping them with their homework? Why not volunteer to help a child at the library?  Crafty Teenworkers will help in all aspects of program planning, implementing and prep. If you decide to become a Brainy Teenworker, you will help children with homework in the subject (s) of your choice. Call the Youth Services Reference Desk at 630-368-7733 for more information about the program. Remember it’s all about Teenwork!

  E-mail Reminders

Don’t worry about missing another program? Please call or ask  the Youth Services Staff about  receiving an e-mail confirmation for the programs you have signed up for!

Please call the Oak Brook Public Library Youth Services Reference Desk at 368-7734 to sign-up for any of these programs!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't Worry About Missing Another Program! Sign up for Program E-mail Confirmations!

We all lead such busy lives, taking the kids to basketball practice, cooking dinner and running errands. Who has the time to check the calendar to see what Youth Services programs you signed up for? We've solved that problem by providing e-mail confirmation notices for each youth services program you've signed up for. All you have to do is provide the youth services staff with your e-mail address at time of sign-up. You will be sent an e-mail confirmation alerting you to what program you have signed up for.

 We will also send you an e-mail alerting you when our newest story times will be starting so your children will never miss the opportunity to join one of our fun and interactive programs.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ordinary Oscar by Laura Adkins

This post nominated the Oak Brook Public Library Blog for the 2012 Fascination Awards! Please see the the "Book Reviews" tab for other books I have recently reviewed. 

Oscar the snail doesn't like being ordinary. He dreams of being extraordinary. He's tired of his boring coloring and his mundane routine. With the help of a wise old snail and a little magic from the Fairy Godsnail, his wishes have come true! Does Oscar's dream of being famous really make him happy? Read the book Ordinary Oscar by Laura Adkins to find out. Children will love the imaginative and bold illustrations of Sam Hearn and be mesmerized by the cute-as-a-button writing style of Laura Adkins. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 16th Story time Topic: Not Feeling Well

Achoo! Does a cold make you feel blue? Join us on February 16th at 4:30 pm for our not feeling well story time. We'll read books about the sniffles, sing songs about feeling under the weather, and make an adorable craft. This story time is just what the doctor ordered.

Here's a sneak peek of our craft and a fingerplay we will be doing:

Pink Goo! 
Yukky! Yukky! Poo, poo, poo!
(Make a funny face.)
How I hate that pink goo!
(Make an angry face.)
The doctor says it will fix my ear
(Wiggle ear lobe.)
But I shudder when the spoon comes near
I swallow and swallow it day after day
(Take big gulps.)
I can't wait till I'm well enough to play!
(Run in place.)

*Registration is required so that all children may receive a craft. Please call the library at 630-368-7700 to register.
Always cover your mouth when you cough!


Monday, February 14, 2011

A Visit to the Doctor! British Dramatic Comedy T.V. Series: Doc Martin

In this hilarious British dramatic comedy, you will meet Dr. Martin Ellingham, a former London surgeon turned small town doctor. Join Doc Martin as he tends to the  offbeat, but lovable inhabitants of a sleepy Cornish fishing community. This hit t.v. series will cure all that ails you!

Wiggles and Giggles all over the library! Lapsit Story time (1-2 year olds) Topic: Valentine's Day

It's freezing outside, so what better way to cure the baby winter blues than with a bright and interactive song and dance-filled story time. Welcome to Wiggles and Giggles Story time (Mondays at 10 am), where story time and play time are combined. We'll shake our wiggles out, sing, tell flannel board stories, read a book or two and have loads of fun. We use items such as egg shakers, streamers or bubbles to bring our story time to life. Bring your doll or teddy bear along so they can enjoy this story.

This week's story time topic is Valentine's Day. We will bring the story time alive by reading one or two of these books: Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine by Sarah Weeks, Valentine Friends by April Jones Prince, and Sweet Hearts by Jann Carr. 

Here's a cute song to sing to your little valentine too!

I'm a Little Valentine (Tune: "I'm a Little Teapot")
I'm a little valentine, 
made for you, 
Of paper, lace and a dab of glue. 
I'm signed and sealed and on my way, 
To say, "I love you" on Valentine's Day! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Create Your Own Story time: February 9th Valentine's Day Story time

Couldn't come to story time today? No need to worry. You can create the experience at home using the story time we did today.


The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll
Sweet Hearts by Jan Carr
Love, Splat by Rob Scotton

Action Song

If You Love Me and You Know It 
(Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It")

If you love me and you know it, clap your hands.
If you love me and you know it, clap your hands.
If you love me and you know it,
Then your face will surely show it.
If you love me and you know it, Clap your hands.

Additional Verses:
Say "I love you"
Blow me a kiss
Give me a hug


I Am Making Valentines (Tune: "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

I am making valentines, 
Valentines, valentines. 
I am making valentines, 
For the ones I love. 

Watch me as I cut and paste,
Cut and paste, cut and paste,
Watch me as I cut and paste,
my special valentines.

See me mail my valentines,
Valentines, valentines,
See me mail my valentines,
To the ones I love.


Love Is A Circle

Love is a circle,
Round and round (make a circling motion with arm)
Love goes up, (raise arms up)
And Love comes down, (lower arms)
Love is on the inside, (pull hands inward towards chest)
Trying to get out, (pull hands away from chest)
Love is whirling and twirling about! (move hands in a spinning motion)

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 9th Story time Topic: Valentine's Day

You'll love our Wednesday, February 9th story time at 4:30 pm! We'll be singing love-ly songs and reading wonderful books with a Valentine's Day theme.

Here's a sneak peek at a fun action rhyme and our heart-ty Valentine's Day fish craft:

The Love Bug 

It begins with a grin (smile broadly)
It turns to a giggle (put both hands on mouth and giggle)
You start to laugh (throw head back and laugh out loud)
Your legs start to wiggle (put feet in the air and shake)
You look all around for someone to hug (move eyes back and forth)
What can you do (shrug shoulders)
You've caught the love bug (hug another child or yourself)

Happy Valentine's Day!

*Registration is required so that all children may receive a craft. Please call the library at 630-368-7700 to register. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Story time Canceled due to Snow Day! Library Closed due to Inclement Weather Conditions

Since the library is closed due to the inclement weather conditions, our Wednesday Frosty Friends Preschool Story time has been canceled. We look forward to seeing everyone next week for another fun-filled story time!