Tuesday, July 12, 2016

True Balance Karate Class

Last week we hosted True Balance Karate for a karate class. 
Paul Helsdon, the Chief Instructor from True Balance Karate taught a variety of age groups some of the basics in karate. By the end of the class, everyone was able to break through a board!! 

Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun and able to take away something new from course. True Balance Karate has also donated one of our coupons for Summer Reading prizes. Readers have the chance to earn a coupon for a FREE month of karate lessons, a free private introductory lesson, and a free karate uniform. There is still plenty of time to sign up and participate in Summer Reading! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Who can make it to Home Sweet Home first?

The Youth Services Staff has been busy these past few weeks with Summer Reading and summer programs! It's not too late to sign up for Summer Reading! Stop by the desk to sign up and pick up a log; you will earn prizes along the way!

Life Size Candy Land 

Life Size Candy Land was a huge success last week! Participants were able to make their way around the Candy Land board multiple times, getting candy along the way.

A huge thank you to our volunteers for helping out! They were able to take smaller groups around the game board to avoid long waits during game play! 
No worries! If you were stuck on the wait list or didn't get a chance to sign up, we plan on bringing the program back in the future!