Saturday, October 19, 2013

Teen Read Week Extravaganza

Teen Read Week was absolutely wonderful, and jam-packed. I saw some young people at the library who I never came into contact with before, and I felt like a creepy, lonely party host: 

"Oh, please stay. Please do." *whispers* "I made cake..." 

Perhaps less desperation next time? Mhmmm. Na. 

Anyhow, I am left feeling exhausted, and a bit off. (Which is probably not the result of Teen Read Week, but rather, cheap take-out food.) But now, stomach in check, here is the awaited rundown on the awesome week we had.


Hot Dates: What is better than an evening with a book? The perfect companion, I think. One that never talks back, or doesn't like you emailing them, or uses the phrase, "It's not you, it's me," or....

Julia had the awesome idea to bring the blind-date scenario to life at the library. Except, this kind ends well. And boy, were there hot selections. Fantasy, horror, and rrromance. It all was there, in cosmic-paper splendor:

Aliens?!: In accordance with the Teen Read Week theme, "Seek the Unknown," Theresa put up this guy. I am forced to battle between three thoughts concerning this:

1. How can I steal it without her looking?
2. What does Theresa's house look like?
3. How can I break into be invited to Theresa's house?

Pumpkin Decorating Contest:

Because of liability even with plastic knives that could not cut cheese, thanks law reasons, there was not a pumpkin carving competition, but rather, a pumpkin decorating one. I thought this may have been a bit tame, but was I wrong. The participants brought their enthusiasm, and wild creativity to the table, and I must admit, a bit grudgingly, that the pumpkin decorating was a smashing success:

Here were the final submissions:








And with your votes, here is the grand prize winner!

So, as you can see, there were some mad creative skills being utilized this week. On behalf of the Youth Services staff, I can say it has been a joy to see some new faces in the library this Teen Read Week. We hope you come to stay. Your creativity this week has shown us why we are here. 

A little creativity, and out-of-the box mentality goes a long way; if you are a teen, a student, or like us, a group of slightly-offbeat librarians.

Stay Out of The Box,


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Teen Read Week

With the explosion of YA literature since the publication of Harry Potter, and with contemporary and innovative authors such as John Green, it is amazing to see today's young adults so passionate about literature. With this week's Teen Read Week, the Youth Service department here at Oak Brook wants to celebrate our teen users of the library. Here are some of the upcoming events:

Sunday, October 13  1:30-3:00 P.M.

Get your creative juice ready, because you have a challenging and fun task at hand: all in the efforts of a grand prize! For grades 6-12 we are offering a gift card prize for the best decorated pumpkin. Pumpkins, paint, and other materials will be provided. For free! If you want to secure victory, be sure to look up some ideas.

Here are some examples:

Also, feel free to bring your own supplies, too. There will be food, and general Halloween fun. Bring a group of your friends. We expect fierce competition. Call to register.

BLIND DATE (With a Book):
Dates all week

Julia from Youth Services will play matchmaker extraordinaire this week.  She will match you up with a secret, wrapped book. Come on over to the Youth Service area to get your blind date selection. You may be surprised, and fall in love with the book you are given by chance. Come on in for this cool opportunity sure to be a super hot date. #smokingHAUT

All Week
With the check out of a book, teens will get free DVD rentals. Man-oh-man, the possibilities...

Questions? Want to register? Call Youth Services at: 1-(630) 368-7733
Super-Limited space left for pumpkin decorating contest! Reserve your spot with your friends!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to be a Reader in a Busy World

Last night was like most nights. I got home, threw my keys somewhere (tomorrow's excitement), and made some highly-questionable microwave meal. (Not dead yet.) I buckled-down to do some work, and then--because this is America with the twenty-hour workday--I made a caffeinated beverage to stay awake only to keep working even more.

Basically, on busy days at around midnight, this is me:

Hot mess.

Don't get me wrong: I don't mind being busy. I am one of those personality types who crave to be busy. This is healthy for me, mentally and physically. But everyone is different, and it's important to think about where you lie on this spectrum, and to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

However, when it comes to us busy people, we run into the same problems.

One of them I hear all of the time is: "Oh, I just don't have time to read."

Now, it's important to remember there are some people who truly love to read, and mean this. Then, to be frank, there are the "Good-Intentioned-Impostor Readers."

"Oh, I wish I had time to read, MD," they tell me. "That would be so nice."

Me: Mom, you haven't cracked open a book since 1972.

With that in mind, here are my tips for being a reader with a demanding lifestyle. These are small life changes you can make to get you back on the track to being a vivacious reader.

1. Audiobooks: I cannot praise this medium enough. You can listen to an audiobook on your commutes (after downloading it to an ipod, or ipad), or you can simply listen to audio CD's in the car. Have kids? Even better. LISTEN, KIDS. J.K. ROWLING IS READING. TO YOU. 

And please, check out audiobooks from the library. I'm not just saying this because I'm paid to do it. Audiobooks are expensive!

(And if you are new to audiobooks, can I recommend readers with accents? Preferably a British accent?)

(I'm sure you...understand.)

2.  Rework Wasted Time: Do you have a boring meeting you need to attend that permits laptops? Have a dry lecture coming up where you can use an ipad? I am not being the devil's advocate, but as the devil, last time I checked, life is short and there are many wonderful books out there. Do yourself a favor: instead of tweeting while at these tedious ordeals, explore the universe through books.

3. Chose a Different Reading Medium: Can't carry around a physical book with you throughout the day? I would recommend uploading an ebook to your phone, kindle, or other device you do have. During your dead-time, you will have a book at the ready. Huzzah!

After all, most classic literature exists in publicly available, free PDF's online, like with Project Gutenburg. 

And yes, our library offers ebooks, too. Call us up or dive on in to figure out how to use our eMedialibrary.

4. Set Priority: 

If you are a structured type of person, allow time within your schedule specifically for reading. Nothing else. Schedule a short amount of time each day that is your time. Whether it be 15 extra minutes you stay up every night, or you need to wake up earlier in the morning, you will be a better, more world-aware individual for reading.

5. Adventure Out to Read: Busy people often have to balance a great deal of stress. Take time to venture out to a specific place where you only have the goal of reading. This can be the library *slow, awkward librarian wink*, a coffee shop, a forest preserve, or any other place where you can have enough quiet and focus. This will do wonders for stress, as well.


Ah. That is all I have for today, folks.

Now, if you'll excuse me, Halloween City closes soon. I need to get some limbs and coffins for the Halloween book display.

Be Well, Busy Reader,