Wednesday, July 25, 2012

With a Moo Moo Here and a Baa Baa There: Spotlight on the Dupage County Fair (July 25-29)

The first county fair I had ever gone to was the homespun and lovely DuPage County Fair in Wheaton, Illinois. The aromas of freshly spun cotton candy, buttery popcorn, hot dogs and hamburgers made my mouth water and the exhibits featuring livestock such as cows and sheep left me breathless with excitement.

The reason I love county fairs is because they remind us of the time when the majority of the country was rural and relied on the land and livestock as their main source of income. County fairs allowed farmers and townspeople alike to assemble and show off their ingenuity, excellent home cooking, beautiful sewing and farming skills.

These hardworking individuals toiled for hours perfecting their apple pie recipes, sheep shearing skills, tomato growing techniques, and so on, in order to participate in this illustrious yearly competition. Oftentimes, these determined individuals eagerly awaited the results of contests such as Best Jam or Largest Watermelon with bated breath for who would win the blue ribbon. The joy, happiness and competitive spirit in the air was palpable and the winner was often front page news of the local paper!

To commemorate the DuPage County Fair and its commitment and history, I have created a book display titled Come on Down to the Fair! to entice readers to learn about this nostalgic American classic.

You can also visit the DuPage County Fair this week (July 25-29) and make fond memories such as my own with your entire family!

See What's Happening at the DuPage County Fair: