Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In a Land Far, Far Away: Fables and Folklore of England

English fairy tales and folklore offer a splash of whimsy, a dash of  magic, and an impressive array of characters ranging from dashing knights, fearsome giants to beautiful princesses. These stories have woven themselves into the American culture as English immigrants came to America in search of work, fame, fortune, or a new life. These energetic men's and women's oral traditions continue to fascinate, amaze and fulfill our need for fantasy and escape into a land of make-believe.

As we count our way down to the beginning of the London Olympic Games let us peruse some of the many volumes of exceptional folklore, fables, and yarns England has to offer.

Jack and the Beanstalk Retold by Ann Keay Beneduce (J 398.2 England Ben)
English Folktale: Edited by Dan Keding and Amy Douglas (J 398.2 England English)
The Old Woman and Her Pig: An Old English Tale by Rosanne Litzinger (J 398.2 England Lit)
Robin of Sherwood by Micheal Morpurgo (J 398.2 England Mor)
Lancelot by Hudson Talbott (J 398.2 England Tal)
The Little People's Pageant of Cornish Legends by Eric Quayle (J 398.2 England Qua)
The Maiden on the Moor by Marilyn Singer (J 398.2 England Sin)
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Marcia Williams (J 398.2 England Wil)