Monday, July 23, 2012

Miss Jennifer's Grocery Store Storytime Template

Showed children a picture of the shopping cart from the shopping cart sizing flannelboard (below) and asked the children if they had ever gone to the grocery store with their mommy/nanny/grandma etc. I then told them that after their moms/nannies etc. buy the groceries they are put in grocery bags which they bring home. This was a perfect introduction to my opening bagging groceries by the items written on the grocery list activity.

Grocery List Game
Introduced the game by telling the children that after we pay for our groceries, we have a person called a bagger, bag our groceries so that we can bring them home. I told the children that they were were going to make believe they were baggers. I then read the items off the grocery list pictured. After I read the name of a item off of the list, the children placed that item in the bag pictured. I used plastic play food for most of the items.

Just a sampling of some of the tasty groceries on our list!

 Books Read
Adventures of a Cow Too by Cow
Too Many Pears by Jackie French

Today's flannelboard was called The Vegetable Man. This flannelboard story can be found on page 235 of The Best of Totline Flannelboards written and compiled by Kathleen Cubley.

Optional Flannelboard: Grocery Carts Sizing Game
I was going to use the following flannelboard game for this storytime, but decided to use the previous flannelboard instead.
Source of Grocery Carts Sizing Game:

Grocery Store Bag