Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank You Oak Brook and the Many Library Patrons for Making My Time Spent at the Library Extraordinary!

I would like to thank the Village of Oak Brook for allowing me the chance to spend over two years devising programming, blogging, doing research and finding quality literature for the juvenile, teens and adult patrons of Oak Brook. 

Through my work in the Youth Services Department, I was able to deepen children's knowledge and wonder of the written word through movement activities, flannelboards, and games which brought books to life during my toddler and preschool storytimes. Every moment spent working with the children was pure joy and will be greatly missed as my journey into an Early Childhood teaching career begins. 

I would like to thank the library director, Sue Madorin, for encouraging me to pursue my early childhood education career by taking online courses. 

There have been many organizations within the village that have been such a pleasure to work with and have made my Youth Services programs come to life including the Oak Brook Fire Department, Oak Brook Park District and the Oak Brook Garden Club

I would like to thank Bob Robertson of the Oak Brook Fire Department for his exceptional storytelling and safety demonstration during my Fireman Storytime. Fireman Robertson has a true gift for gearing educational content to audiences of every age, which made this storytime both enjoyable and memorable to myself and our youngest patrons. 

To Trupti Vyas of the Oak Brook Park District  who brought the magical beauty and dance of India to the library through her Passport to India presentation. Ms. Vyas's effervescence and knowledge of her culture brought depth and meaning to this spellbinding program. 

The last organization I would like to thank is the Oak Brook Garden Club whose members put together a hands-on gardening program that made the children want to learn about the loveliness of nature. These organizations and individuals exemplify the high-quality of Oak Brook employees and clubs. 

To the children of my storytimes and of Oak Brook, Miss Jennifer was so honored to be able to create programming and choose books and crafts which increased your love of reading and helped develop your creativity. 

I will always remember your laughter, sweet words and adorable faces which were the highlight of my days. Without you, there would be no need for a Youth Services Department at all. You are all such an inspiration and I will miss all of you greatly.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the storytime parents and those who supported me through my student teaching and college coursework. I am so grateful that you gave me the opportunity to sing, read, and encourage your children to love literature as much as I do. Your support meant the world to me and pushed me to be the best "student teacher" and storytime leader I could be. 

I would like to announce that I have decided to enter the exciting field of Early Childhood Education by becoming the Lead Toddler/Twos Teacher at a center in the Chicagoland area. This position is a dream come true because it will allow me to interact with children all day long! 

I will be able to sing silly songs, dance upbeat dances, and play with finger paints to my hearts content while educating the doctors, lawyers, and teachers of the future. 

Thank You!
Jennifer Hatcher 
Oak Brook Public Library Youth Services Assistant