Sunday, April 24, 2011

Budding Bookworms Wanted!: Lapsit Story time (1-2 Year Olds) Topic: Rain

"Spring Into Reading" with a bright and interactive song and dance-filled story time. Welcome to Budding Bookworms Lapsit Story time (Mondays at 10 am), where story time and play time are combined. We'll shake our wiggles out, sing, tell flannel board stories, read a book or two and have loads of fun. We use items such as egg shakers, streamers or bubbles to bring our story time to life. Bring your doll or teddy bear along so they can enjoy this story time.

Here's a sneak peek at our Rainy Day Scottie Craft and a great movement activity that will teach children about thunderstorms and storm safety. 

A Dark and Cloudy Day Movement Activity 

Things You Need 
A Piece of aluminum foil folded in half (when tapped or shaken sounds just like rain falling on a tin roof)
Hand Fan or electric fan (to create wind)
Toy Drum (thunder sound) * children could also stomp feet*
Small spray bottle filled with water (a spritz of water mimics rain) 
Flashlight (Turn on and off to imitate lightning) *Children can clap hands for lightning clap*

Follow the actions (highlighted in green) for a thunderous time!

 A Dark and Cloudy Day 

The dark clouds rolled in
and the wind whooshed and blew (use hand fan or electric fan)
I heard a rumble from above ( beat toy drum or stomp feet)
and a clap of lightning too (clap hands)
The sky became bright (turn flashlight on and off)      
from the lightning strike 
and the rain dripped 
dropped from the sky (spray a fine mist of water from a spray bottle) 
so inside I ran to keep (children can run in place) 
safe and dry! 
by Jennifer Hatcher 

Keeping Nice and Dry