Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Summer to Remember

Read for the Win

Summer Readers set new records this year with a 26% increase in participation! Readers filled in our Olympic Rings to kick of the 2016 Olympics and earned prizes along the way.

Summer Reading Winners are:

Zaynab Yousuf, Joseph Kitsutkin, and Alex Sheppel

A huge thank you to all summer readers!

We set records for programs this summer as well! Some of our top programs this summer included Life Size Candy Land, Lego League Jr., Maker Madness, and Let The Games Begin!

Additionally, we had a group of amazing volunteers this summer who put in many hours helping with programs! They had a positive impact on our programs! A huge thank you to Savita, Kayode, Janie, Zina, Chris, Maggie, Rithik, Ashna, and Sophia from the Youth Services Staff!