Saturday, June 13, 2015

Drum Dream Girl

MD's Saturday book reviews, given in-between trips to settle mischief-making in the back of the youth section of the library.

It's a quieter day at the library today, so let's see if I can squeeze in a review before closing. 
This week I found a great book thanks to Theresa, called Drum Dream Girl . Written by Cuban-American writer Margarita Engle, Drum Dream Girl  tells the true story of Millo Castro Zaldarriaga, the first well-known female drum player in Cuba.

The story begins in 1930's. Believe it or not, at the time it was taboo for girls to play the drums in Millo's home country, Cuba.This does not stop Millo, however. She dreams of one day playing the drums in a cafe band, but she is met by the scorn of her father and town.

With the aid of a teacher, Millo finally gains the instruction she needs. And that, as they say, is history. Now ready to perform, Millo creates an awesome, all-female band. 

Illustrated by Rafael Lopez, Drum Dream Girl is an unforgettable mix of cultural narrative, and the universal need to dream. I would recommend Drum Dream Girl for ages 6-106. It is especially wonderful for young women in their search---that remains to this day---for equality to live and dream.