Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chu's Day at the Beach

MD's Saturday book reviews, given in-between trips to settle mischief-making in the back of the youth section of the library.

Neil Gaiman has undoubtedly been a favorite author of mine. Since I first opened up his classic scary tale for children, Coraline, I was quite in love with the fact that someone had articulated so well childhood fears, loneliness, and the sometimes neglectful world of adults. (Also, those creepy buttons for eyes!) I am quite fortunate, in pondering this over, to have a favorite author who writes such a variety of books for all-ages.

Neil Gaiman's "Chu" series is a collection of picture books about---as the title would suggest---a panda named Chu. The panda has the unfortunate quality of sneezing, and sneezing quite often. This would not be a problem if his sneezes were not powerful enough to destroy everything in their path, which they are.

The accompanying, richly-illustrated art by Adam Rex is simply gorgeous.

And it perfectly matches Gaiman's sometimes droll wit.

 And as you have seen, there are merpandas.

That is all,