Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Miss Jennifer's Italian Foods/Food Trip: Italy Storytime Template

My storytime kids and I fell in love with the beauty and foods of Italy during my Italian Foods/Food Trip: Italy Storytimes.

 Showed children a map of Italy and described that it was shaped like a boot kicking a ball (Sicily). Explained to children that Italy was far away so they needed a plane ticket to go there.

Plane Ticket
Gave children plane ticket from busybeekidscrafts.com. Then explained to children that in order to get into Italy they would have to show their passport. I described to the children that a passport shows you are a visitor from the U.S. (or another country).

Created a passport using blue cardstock and a template from abcteach.com. Inside you will find I modified an idea from http://cleanmama.blogspot.com/ and created thumbnail pictures of Italy and Germany coloring pages from supercoloring.com ,  next to where I placed my stamp of arrival. The stamp of arrival is an adorable french postal stamper from Hobby Lobby.


"If You Want to Eat Some Pizza" (Tune: "Happy and You Know It") (Source: http://storytimepreschooltoddlers.blogspot.com/2009/04/fingerplays-songs-and-story-extensions_06.html)

Books Read
Oodles of Noodles by Diana Hendry
Pizza At Sally's by Monica Wellington

Italian/American Food Match-up Game. Children placed foods belonging to Italy under the Italian flag and foods from the U.S. under the American flag. Italian food examples include a pizzelle cookie, pizza, pastas, tomato, mozzarella cheese balls, latte with small cup and pizza. American food examples include corn, roasted turkey, apple pie, watermelon, and ice cream (technically, ice cream can also be Italian. Italians call ice cream gelato).

Paper plate pizza. Paper plates were dyed with tea to give them a "just baked" feel.

Music we listened to during Craft
A World of Kids: Italy. Songs included on this cd include "Santa Lucia", "Mia Bella Annina" ("My Beautiful Annina") and "Canta Gondoliere" ("Sing, Gondolier").