Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss Jennifer's German Foods/Food Trip: Germany Template

We trekked through Germany to find out about the many epicurean wonders this country had to offer during our German Foods/Food Trip: Germany Storytime.

Showed children a map of Germany and traditional German clothing before giving them a traditional construction paper Edelweiss hat worn in the Bavaria region of Germany.

Edelweiss Hat
Unfortunately, I didn't have any large green paper so I had to use red paper to construct this hat.

I created a flannelboard from the popular rhyme Brown Bun (with the addition of lettuce). I turned it into a movement activity by saying the hungry child needed us to make him a yummy hamburger. Each time a new item was placed on the board, I would have the children bounce for the brown bun, tickle their toes for the pickle etc. (Source:

Books Read
The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! by Mo Willems (Toddlers)
Burger Boy by Alan Durant (Preschoolers)

Music We Listened to During Craft

I created a "food colors" of the German flag flannelboard. I had the children place colors of the flag in the proper order. Examples for black foods are olives, black beans and a mushroom, red foods include a  strawberry, cherry and apple and yellow foods could be a lemon, banana or cheese.

Optional Flannelboard
Five Little Hot dogs (with printable template)

Hamburger Collage