Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing Miss Jennifer's Picture Book Parade!

I'd like to introduce a brand-new feature called Miss Jennifer's Picture Book Parade to this blog and Oak Brook Public Library's newsletter, The Beacon.

Every month, I will select a picture book which has been recently acquired by the library to review. All of the books I choose will spotlight the many beautiful new picture books we have on our "New Picture Books Shelf". This shelf can be found next to the concept and holiday books in the Youth Services area.

Miss Jennifer's Picture Book Parade  

Scary Mary by Paula Bowles
JE Bowles (New Picture Books Shelf)

Scary Mary is quite a curmudgeonly hen who "vants to be alone" at all times. There is no budging no matter how hard the other farm animals try to persuade this persnickety poultry to play with them. She rules the barnyard and makes it perfectly clear to all the animals that she is not a "chick" to be messed with.

In order to curb the other animals' kindly actions, Scary Mary puts up all types of roadblocks, including signs and a very foreboding- looking fort. To Scary Mary's chagrin, these precautionary measures arouse even more interest in the friendly livestock. Everyone wants to play!

Scary Mary proceeds to get her feathers in a twist and her explosive temper scares all the other animals away. Will Scary Mary enjoy her "me" time or find out being alone isn't all its cracked up to be?

Read this charming tale which illustrates the importance of pro-social behavior and the true meaning of friendship. Children will enjoy the carefree renderings of sweet-faced farm animals and the bold use of primary colors which make this a true picture gem. I give this story 2 "eggs" up!