Saturday, December 5, 2015

Goodreads Choice Awards 2015--MD's Favorite Finalists

Every year I look forward to the goodreads choice awards. For those of you who don't know, goodreads is a website where you can keep track of books you have read, and you can recommend books to your friends.* Although my favorite picture book of the year (and my favorite chapter book of the year) were not chosen as the final winners, my favorites did make it into the top ten. So, here are my favorite children's books of 2015.

Picture Books

Red: A Crayon's Story, by Micheal Hall

Red: A Crayon's Story is the tale of a crayon that is labeled "red" but is in fact blue. This difference causes some problems when red crayon is needed to draw some red things, like ripe summer strawberries. But as you can guess...they come out blue.

Below, red crayon tries to make a red ant. But alas! It comes out as a blue ant. 

I like this story because it has very creative, and charming illustrations. It also contains a well-written narrative. I think many people, big and small, can relate to red crayon's struggle, as he may be labeled as one thing by everyone else, but deep inside he is something different. Like red crayon, we all need help to learn how to accept and love unique parts of ourselves. 

Juvenile Book 

The Marvels, written & illustrated by Brian Selznick

There are few books as trail-blazing and unique as Brian Selznick's The Marvels. The first part of the book is composed of hundreds of breath-taking illustrations, which tell the story of several generations in the Marvel family. 

Here, have a look-see:

After these illustrations, begins the story of a boy in the 1990's, as he runs away from school to look for his uncle. This young boy, Joseph Jervis, learns about his family history---and perhaps, even more about himself. At his uncle's strange and glorious home, clues unfold as to where Joseph's family has come from, and perhaps, the avenues in which Joseph can escape his stifling life. 

And yes, without revealing any more of the plot, this book was incredibly moving. One that I am glad to hear several other youth-lit aficionados got teary-eyed over.**

So, those were my top goodreads picks. As I said, they did not win the goodreads choice awards for 2015, but that's okay. 

After all, that's what librarians do: we spread the books. 


*Goodreads: Think Facebook meets your own personal library, but with no wedding photos, or uncle Bill's political opinions.

**Let's be honest with ourselves, we sobbed and there's no denying it.