Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wizardly Wonders at the Library: The Wizard's Apprentice Program February 26th at 2 pm

Wizardly ways are coming to the library! On Saturday, February 26th at 2 pm in the Meeting Room you will behold The Wizard's Apprentice. This show is a dazzling display of color, information and inspiration.

You will meet wizard's apprentice, Harriet Peabody who learns how to cast spells, perform mystical magic and the Dewey Decimal System.

Harriet's teacher, Willard the Wizard of Wisdom will enhance Harriet's and audience members knowledge of the wonderful world of books. Special effects and comedy are peppered throughout the program to cast a magical spell on the everyone. Add a  handful of live animals and you have the perfect potion for a mesmerizing show! This show is tailor made to suit all ages.

Meet the Entertainers

Tim Balster

Tim Balster knew that he wanted to become a magician at a young age. While watching Bozo's Circus on WGN,  he became entranced by the profession.

When Tim finished high school, he attended Chavez College of Magic where he was taught magic by the famous magician Neil Foster. He then went to on to Carthage College in Wisconsin.

In 1982, he became a full-time magician and performed at fairs, malls, colleges and variety shows. His performances have included card tricks to stilt walking.

Tim met his wife and business partner, Robin Balster while performing an act on ice skates. Her father was a producer who called Tim after seeing this amazing feat. He wanted Tim to perform in the show Jubilee on Ice. Little did Tim know, that his future wife was the the producer's daughter.

Tim accepted a job at an amusement park called Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea in 1990. Robin decided to become his assistant and  they later went on to marry.

The Illinois native had appeared on Wgn's  Bozo's Circus six times.

Robin Balster

Robin was born into a family of figure skaters and show producers in Fort, Lauderdale, Florida.  She has performed in ice skating shows as early as the age of five. She has appeared in shows in Trinidad and Tobago and Six Flags over Texas.

In 1986, she graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Mass Communications. She has worked in radio and television broadcasting, but her love of ice skating never left her.

She became a professional figure skater and skated with Tim in 1988 on the Jubilee on Ice tour.

Magic is also in her blood. She often assisted magicians in her family's shows. Robin's love of magic assisted her to design magic routines for Tim and herself when they worked in South Korea.

Robin choreographs dance and movement within their shows. Costumes are designed by Robin and her mother.

Tim and Robin married in 1992 and worked on the Royal Viking Cruise Line.

They now reside in Darien, Illinois and perform at Santa's Village during the summer. In 2005, the couple celebrated their thirteenth season at Santa's Village. The Balsters have performed their act in 41 states, Canada, Mexico, and beyond.

Their non-stop energy includes touring around the country performing in their own productions. These productions include Sheer Magic, Seasons Greetings, and the Wizard's Apprentice.

The couple's family includes sons Douglas, William and  a menagerie of animals including Waldo the duck and several doves. These animals perform in the Balster's shows.

*Please register for this program at the Youth Services Reference Desk or call the library at 630-368-7700.