Friday, January 7, 2011

The Importance of Story time

Story time is a fun learning experience for young children. It is a wonderful precursor to preschool and play group activities.

Some of the Reasons Why Story time is So Important
  • It allows children to enhance their vocabulary through sounds and being read to.
  • Movement activities promote gross motor skills (ex. jumping, hopping, skipping etc.)
  • Shape and colors come alive through the use of flannel boards and games. 
  • Books and songs which repeat phrases help children improve their memory and thinking skills. 
  • Enables children to learn vital life skills such as cooperation, sharing and patience. 
  • Crafts promote creativity and fine motor skills (ex. pasting, cutting etc.)
  • Rectifies routine activities. Children will know that on a certain day they will be going to story time. 
  • Songs provide an introduction to music and movement. 

Sign-up today for story times at 630-368-7700.

*See New Year, New Times for Story Times (1/3/11) post for more detailed information on our story times.