Saturday, May 3, 2014

At Last....

Finally, all of the new reading recommendation brochures (for grades Pre-K-High School), are finished! Ah, it was lots of coffee cups in the making, but I think they turned out quite alright. These brochures largely include the best books available to each individual grade level. This means a healthy mix of classics, literary prize winners, and just very, very good books. New and old.

A link to each brochure's PDF can be found HERE in our Google Drive.


Here is a preview of some of our brochures:

High School Leisure Reading Recommendations: 


All Time Best Picture Books:


High School A.P. English Reading Recommendations: 


I hope you are able to check out our Google Drive. Feel free to use these brochures for your own personal use, at your library, or school. We only ask you do not remove creator's credit.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions for more brochures?

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