Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hooray for Superheroes! A Special Thanks to Steven Frenzel and the Friends of the Library for Helping Us Make Greatest Superhero Moments in the Movies Possible!

I'd like to thank Steven Frenzel for developing the sensational superhero-themed film presentation Greatest Superhero Moments in the Movies.

The film clips were action-packed with heroic caped crusaders and dastardly villains that kept audience members on the edge of their seats during every minute of the adrenaline-pumping presentation.

His speaking style was casual, educational, and energetic as he effortlessly entwined little known cinematic facts and special effects knowledge into this 90-minute program.

Mr. Frenzel's idea of giving out DVDs to those who have exceptional superhero knowledge is sheer genius! Audience members enjoyed examining the DVDs they had won for knowing these little known facts.

Steven Frenzel and his staff at Marquee Movie Presentations should be applauded for their professionalism, impressive editing techniques, and beautiful presentation!

I would also like to thank the Friends of the Library for helping make this program possible. Your generosity and kindness are greatly appreciated.