Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crash, Pow, Bam! Superhero Invasion at the Oak Brook Public Library! Dress Up Like Your Favorite Superhero During Steven Frenzel's Greatest Superhero Moments in the Movies!

Mask (check), cape (check), cool superhero gadgets (check). Now all you need to do is come on down to the library in your best superhero costume for Steven Frenzel's Greatest Superhero Moments in the Movies on Wednesday, March 14th at 6:30 pm.

While in character, you will enjoy watching movie scene after movie scene of the most thrilling, exhilarating, and heart stopping superhero moments in film history!

You will learn insider tips about these captivating crime fighter and villain scenes that will  make even the professionals green with envy.

If you are a trivia buff then this show will be right up your alley. Behind-the-scenes trivia is Steven Frenzel's specialty. He has delighted and entertained audiences in many programs including our recent Hidden Harry Potter program last year that left the entire audience clamoring to get their hands on any of the Harry Potter novels.

Mr. Frenzel is a gifted speaker who devises family-friendly entertainment with a cinematic flair. He has polished his skills over the years through being a former math teacher and presenting highly-anticipated shows using the best film clips the movies have to offer.

His exquisite eye for detail led him to develop the Greatest Superhero Moments in the Movies program for the Oak Brook Public Library! He has selected cream-of-the-crop film clips from popular DC and Marvel superhero movies and entwined them with fascinating and colorful facts.

This will be a great introduction into the spellbinding powers of superheros on pop culture. This year several movies including The Avengers (May), Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (July) and Amazing Spider-man will be coming to a silver screen near you!

Don't miss out on this magnificent program which is perfect for those from 2-102! Children will leave dreaming of being superheros and parents will enjoy all the cinematic history and special effects that are captured within this mind blowing program.

Here comes the really cool part! 5 lucky audience members will win a free DVD!

Spaces are still available for this program. Please call the Y.S. Reference Desk at 630-368-7733 to register.