Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Create Your Own Storytime: December 13, 2011 Baby Tales Storytime

Storytime Topic: Bathtime

Books: Animal Baths by Bob Barner (JE Barner)
Busy, Busy Mouse by Virginia Kroll  (JE Kroll)

Opening Song
"Hi , Hello, and How are You? (Tune: "London Bridge)

Dancing with Shakers or Scarves
Song: "Rubber Duckie" (Sesame Street Platinum All-Time Favorites cd)

Song/Fingerplay Before Books
"These are My Glasses" by Laurie Berkner

Open and Shut Them (Source:http://www.scribd.com/doc/28624245/Baby-O-Activities-Booklet)

Flannel board
Elephants in the Bathtub (Source: http://storytimekatie.com/2011/01/)

"It's Bath Time" (Tune: "You Are my Sunshine") (Source: http://www.squidoo.com/preschoolsongs)

Noisy and Quiet
Storytime leader uses a variety of sounds such as instruments, reading a book, clapping hands, a squishy ball etc. to show the difference between noisy and quiet.

(altered idea from http://melissa.depperfamily.net/blog/?p=868)

Closing Song with Bubbles
"Now It's Time to Say Goodbye" (Tune: "London Bridge")

(Play with toys and read books to your baby)