Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fireman Bob Robertson Helped Make the Lil' Sparks Preschool Fireman Story Time a Four-Alarm Event!

I would like to thank Bob Robertson of the Oak Brook Fire Department for helping me create such an amazing story time. Without his help, humor, and kindness I would not have been able to make my fireman story time such a success.

The children were so engaged and the giggles from the crowd as he read Firebears: The Rescue Team by Rhonda Gowler Greene were contagious. He had such an easygoing manner and you could tell he felt very comfortable working with young children. Fireman Robertson made the book come alive with his dramatic reading and humorous commentary.

Since we had time, he even effortlessly taught the children the important steps of the stop, drop, and roll procedure. He made sure each child understood the process by having them demonstrate the procedure.

Bob Robertson was such a pleasure to work with and the Youth Services Department was grateful to have such a warm and caring individual read to the children.

Thank You!

Miss Jennifer