Monday, August 29, 2011

Get Ready For Library Card Sign-Up Month!

September is Library Card Sign-up Month! All Oak Brook residents can come in and sign-up for the most essential card they will ever own: a library card.*

(*Please call the Circulation Desk for more details at 630-368-7700.)

By using your library card you can gain immeasurable amounts of knowledge, gain insight into a wide array of topics, and enter a world filled with the beauty of the written word. The tomes, DVDs, and Cd's which fill the shelves breathe life into subjects ranging from art to professional baseball.

Remember: Every time you use your library card you have access to more information than can be found on any website or blog.

In honor of Library Card Sign-up Month, I thought I'd share a poem which captures the essence of the value of a library card to its owner.

The Library Card

I tilt my head back
And look up and up,
Dizzying wonderful
Rows upon rows of
Reds, browns, and blues.

I wander in and out
The mazes of shelves.
Rattling and ruffling
Pages can’t muffle
The whisper of voices

Adventure, nature,
Biography or poetry,
How can I choose?
Pick me! I have colorful
Maps and photography.

A tower of pages
Held betwixt my hands,
That will whisk me to Alaska,
Or take me down the trail
Of Indians and pioneers.

My ticket to other
Times and worlds
Is presented with pride
And hope to return
To explore new lands again.

Yvonne Blake